Savage Sunrise Blonde
Savage Sunrise Blonde

Savage Sunrise Blonde

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Start your morning like a savage with our high caffeine Savage Sunrise Blonde roast. This blonde roast coffee has more caffeine than other roasts due to its light roasting and is the perfect coffee for your savage mornings at work or early workouts. This blend has a bright fruity flavor and enough caffeine to take your morning up 3 notches!
  • Country of Origin/ blends: Central America and Africa
  • Benefits: Bright, fruity flavor, high caffeine content, and great sweet espresso!
  • Flavors/tones: Sweet apple, raisin, honey
  • Servings: 12 oz bag or approximately 20, 8 oz cups
  • Fresh Coffee Roasted to Order, Delivered Fresh
  • Always Mold, Toxin, and Pesticide Free
  • Farm Direct
  • Great for Athletes, Fitness Junkies, Entrepreneurs, and Anyone Hustling to Crush Big Goals!