NVR the Movement


We all have a different calling that gets us out of bed in the morning. It may be an obligation to family, a business, a dream, or a multitude of things greater than ourselves. The universal connection is that we’re all striving to build or accomplish something greater than ourselves. When we lose sight of our mission, we lose sight of what’s important, and so we must redefine our motivations. Our families must eat, our businesses must operate, we must act on the limited opportunity to achieve our dreams, lives must be saved, and legacies must be written.

No matter how great the calling or how great our success, life gets tough. The only way to overcome the lull is to set up triggers for ourselves - reminders of why we’re doing what we’re doing and what we have ahead. These triggers can give us the power to overcome doubt, procrastination, and the urge to give up. We need these reminders because committing to becoming great is a lifelong journey. A commitment to struggle and overcoming impossible obstacles. It’s also choosing to dedicate our lives to something that outlasts our lifetime. Something that affects more people than just us. Building a legacy takes a lifetime or longer, but so does wasting a lifetime.

The truth is that life is difficult no matter what; we will struggle, we will work, we will fight; why not do it for something we love? Why not do it for something that lights a fire inside us and builds others up to tackle those impossible obstacles with us.

The trigger becomes a mantra, the mantra becomes a movement, and then it’s mind over matter from there. NVR REST is our movement. Driving ourselves and others to accomplish the impossible is our mission. Forget every doubt, negative emotion, and thought of failure. No putting off life until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Health, wealth, spirituality, wisdom, and skill are all integral parts of building a great life. The world never stops turning, the challenges never stop coming, and so our efforts must NVR REST. Create to grow creatively, train to grow physically, study to improve mentally, and love to grow emotionally. This growth compounds and the result is inspiration.


Life is finite, but our legacy can last much longer. This brand serves as a reminder to build a legacy you’re proud of.

We grind when others rest and we won't rest until we accomplish the impossible.

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