Max Out Blend
Max Out Blend

Max Out Blend

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This ultra dark Italian roast is the perfect late-night blend for burning midnight oil. When you've got to work through the night we'll be there to caffeinate you the whole way. The Midnight Blend is a slow-roasted blend of specialty grade Arabica/Robusta coffee with a smooth, strong coffee flavor and low acidity. Great for dark espresso drinkers and a straight strong cup of midnight go juice.

  • Country of Origin/ blends: Central American and Indonesian Coffee Bean Blend
  • Benefits: Low acidity, smooth taste, and specialty grade.
  • Flavors/tones: Cocoa and Caramel
  • Servings: 12 oz bag or approximately 20, 8 oz cups
  • Fresh Coffee Roasted to Order, Delivered Fresh
  • Always Mold, Toxin, and Pesticide Free
  • Farm Direct
  • Great for A

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