Dig a Deeper Hole

Are you struggling to see results lately?

I recently listened to a successful multi-millionaire say that he reached his success very simply. He said all he had to do was start digging the hole.

Now he never said it was easy, but his analogy was perfect. If you want to dig a hole, you can read books about digging a hole, you can compare different tools to dig a hole, you can even write out a 10-page plan about digging the hole, but at some point, you have to put the shovel in the dirt and dig. When you put it back in again the hole gets bigger.

Building a business, improving your fitness, or even beating a major illness is no different. Start doing the work, and plan for higher efficiency and better effectiveness along the way.

If you're struggling to see results you're not alone, but that's no excuse to quit the process.

To be completely honest, I've been a little lost until early this year. I lost sight of my goals for a while and needed to get back on track, but I also needed to be on a better track than before so that I didn't lose sight again. I needed to fix the small things so that the big things could actually get done. Much like starting to dig, you need to take control of doing the small things. It's called the compound effect, or in other words, reaping massive rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions.

This compounding could be from things as small as cleaning your dishes daily or as big as hitting the gym regularly.

So, maybe like you, I was having a hard time seeing results in my fitness, my business, and my life overall, so I did two major things.

I kept battling. It takes relentless attention to accomplish anything big, so don't fold your hand.
I made sure to ask myself every day if I was procrastinating in areas where I could start digging.

I'm finally seeing things compound and pay off, but it's a ton of work and it's only the beginning. This brand serves as my reminder to stay relentless in my pursuit of my goals and never rest until the end. Whatever you're pursuing keep your head down, keep battling, and make every effort to keep the small things in line and you'll start seeing amazing results.

Keep Battling,


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