Coffee from WWII

Ever heard of an Americano?

If not, it's got a pretty badass past.

Throughout WWII, the average consumption of coffee in the US was roughly 20 pounds a year per person or roughly 2 cups of joe a day. Of course, Soldiers and Marines overseas were consuming just as much, but in the form of espresso. European coffee was very different than the drip Folgers from back home. Because troops wanted a taste of home they started making a 3:1 ratio of water to espresso and called it the Americano.

An Americano is simple: a shot of top-notch espresso and 3 shots of water.

The added water cuts down on the bitterness of the espresso shot and also gives you a higher volume of coffee if you like to take your time.

When the soldiers returned home from the war they brought the Americano back with them. Now it's my morning pre-workout go-to. From the battles of WWII to the battles you fight in your life every day, it's always a good choice.

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