Red Wine, Bacon, and Fat Loss?

Red Wine, Bacon, and Fat Loss?

 Can you do all three together? Many others and I do on a near daily basis. There are rules, but the rules say drink more wine and eat good food. Just follow some easy guidelines and you'll see the fat loss come soon enough. **DISCLAIMER** If you’re looking to positively change your lifestyle and maintain it - instead of just trying a fad diet - then go extreme on this diet for ONE week - then begin adding some foods back into your diet after you’ve seen the results.

Now, Red wine may not be the drug of choice for everyone, but it's a good substitute in moderation. Keyword being MODERATION ladies and gentlemen. I've been asked what kind of diet I follow if any many times, and I surprise people when I say I'm relaxed compared to what I used to be (I did the whole bodybuilding thing for a while). I occasionally have a glass of wine, I enjoy some carbs, and I eat out with friends and family somewhat regularly. There are still some simple rules I live by, and they make shopping quick and easy. Read on…


  1. No simple carbs or sugars. Except for the occasional pre-workout.

This includes sugars in fruits! There are few things we get from fruit that can't be substituted with veggies. Mostly the flavor. There are also veggies to avoid including some starches like potatoes for most of the week. No wonder bread, and very little rice or oatmeal. Now those aren't all simple carbs, but more on that later.

  1. Replace all lost calories from carbs with vegetables and beans

I replace most of the carbs in my meals with vegetables of all sorts. Especially eating out. Just ask the waiter/waitress to substitute those carbs. I've NVR had this not work for someone. Use a variety to ensure you’re getting the vitamins you need. The more difficult to eat veggies are good for shakes and stir fry, like spinach and kale. 

  1. Eat lots of protein – Grass-fed steak, bacon and eggs, chicken fajitas, and lots of fish

I don't eat much pork (outside of bacon) but you'll find most of my fridge to be lean meats and veggies. Chicken fajitas are great, especially if you’re eating out. When eating out anywhere simply substitute your sides. If you avoid the carbs (the chips, tortillas, and rice) entirely you'll have no problems with the extra meat in your diet. 

  1. Don't count calories and Don't be hungry

I don't count Cals or portion meals, but I never let myself be hungry. If you're hungry you're unprepared. And then you eat that whole bag of Gummy Bears... Damet Devin…

  1. Limit wine to no more than a glass a night

Or don’t drink at all… but when you’re looking at an overall healthy lifestyle instead of a fad diet, you’ll occasionally want to enjoy the finer things in life. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy drinking, and I regret it every time, but I do it again anyway. I digress... Red wine does have a small amount of health benefit. It makes you happy, has antioxidants that combat free radicals (kind of), helps reduce swelling, helps with cholesterol, and it makes you happy.

  1. Have a cheat day if you've been perfect the rest of the week

If I've avoided my carbs and had zero alcohol (sometimes I can't stop the party y'know) then I have a cheat day with no limits. Just realize you may feel a bit rough (usually significantly rough) after eating clean for a week and then eating like trash but don't worry it won’t affect your progress. After a day or two you’ll see the scale and fluid drop back to where they were.


This diet is consistently my diet, year-round, and it never gets old. I’ve adapted, and cycle through, different versions of paleo diets, slow carb diets, and keto diets to create this one, but the thing that they all have in common is cutting out the grains, simple carbs, and especially the sugar. These changes help to reduce the effects of diseases like diabetes and even cancer. I know it seems like a lot, but it's an easy guide to consistent fat loss and happiness. Plus, this list is all without the help of a single barbell or treadmill. Imagine the difference in fat loss when you add that in.

 Just remember, you’re here to conquer your goals, not half-ass them. Be strict where you need to be, keep your goals in mind, and treat this like every other goal you’ve crushed before. NVR doubt your capability. NVR Quit trying when the challenge gets absolutely daunting. NVR REST in your pursuit of growth.





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